5 favorite songs from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Considering I am on a “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” high, it was only fitting that I sit down to write about my movie impressions and favorite songs. I am no movie critic. Actually, I am pretty easy to please. As long as a movie doesn’t make me cringe, it still stands a chance of being watched until the end. If it makes my heart beat a little faster, it stays in my memory. Now, if it adds in some songs, well… that is a winner. I mean that’s probably the main reason I love Disney so much.

I will try my best to be objective (but I’m sure my biases are extremely obvious). The storyline of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again felt a bit forced, and unfortunately, a lot of the hit songs were already used in the first movie. But while it had those things going against it, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie made me feel happy and giddy. I came out of the theater feeling that life was bright and there was so much to live for. That’s something I am only too happy to feel in the current state our world is in.

Of course the songs played a big role in making me feel this way. So here are my top 5 songs in no particular order (song titles are linked to Spotify):

  1. When I Kissed The Teacher – Used in one of the first few scenes of the movie, I didn’t know how I felt about the song at first. But after listening to it about 10x today, I realized it made it to my favorites list. I love this scene because it gives us a really good representation of Donna’s younger self.
  2. Waterloo – Aka the Donna-Harry relationship song. I loved this song and dance number mostly because Hugh Skinner (Young Harry) was adorably dorky and endearing.
  3. Why Did It Have To Be Me? –  Aka the Donna-Bill relationship song. This song is probably my favorite song at the moment. As I told my friend, it is the epitome of a summer fling. Bill is a major flirt! But a very sweet one.
  4. Knowing Me, Knowing You – Aka the Donna-Sam relationship song. This is actually the most melancholy song amongst my top 5 choices. Even the scene itself was a bit of a downer, but of course necessary. I still like how this song played out in the movie.
  5. Angel Eyes – This song is sung by the present day Tanya, Rosie, and Sophie, and is basically about the guys who’ve hurt them. I just love Amanda Seyfried’s voice (and any scene with crazy Tanya and Rosie is hilarious).

If you’ve heard the all the other songs as well, you can tell I gravitate towards the more upbeat ones.

Thanks to this movie, I also now have a major girl crush on Lily James. She is so talented and I am in love with her voice. For the past day I have been alternately listening to the soundtrack on repeat, social media stalking the cast, and watching interviews on YouTube. I will have the “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” soundtrack on repeat until I get tired of it, which will probably take a while.