16 Jul 2018

On turning 29

2019-04-10T18:12:19+08:00Jul 16 2018|Life|

On turning 29 It's approximately 6 hours before the clock strikes midnight and I turn 29. I'm sitting on the oldest (and comfiest) couch in my house writing this impromptu blog post because I drank a chai tea latte laden with sweeteners. The caffeine and sugar are bound to keep me up, [...]

03 Mar 2018

This is why I read.

2019-04-10T18:15:07+08:00Mar 03 2018|Books, Life|

This is why I read. Note: I'm feeling under the weather and can't volunteer today. So I'm writing this because I'm going to miss the kids haha Every weekend I volunteer at a reading center for children with special needs and learning disabilities. Technically we help them learn to read, improve their [...]

20 Oct 2017

5 ways I changed my financial habits

2019-04-10T18:18:06+08:00Oct 20 2017|Life|

5 ways I changed my financial habits I am by no means a financial wizard. In fact, I am quite horrible at saving. When I was getting an allowance in college, I'd blow all my excess money on books or concerts. I still did pretty much the same thing when I started [...]

25 Aug 2017

False alarm: a true story about change

2019-04-10T18:22:30+08:00Aug 25 2017|Life|

False alarm: a true story about change Panic and confusion - two feelings that immediately hit you when confronted by the sound of an alarm. Our brains have been conditioned to associate the high-pitched, incessant wailing of an alarm to disaster. I recall learning about our internal fight or flight response in [...]