The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis

A dragon and chocolate? What more could I ask for?


Aventurine (I had to get used to her name at first) is a brave, young dragon who sets out to prove to her family that she can take care of herself. On her first foray beyond the safety of their mountain dwelling, she stumbles across a human who tricks her into drinking magical hot chocolate.

She is transformed into a puny, powerless human (and she hates it), but she has finally found her true passion – chocolate! Aventurine brings us along on her journey to pursue her passion for chocolate, and hilariously shows us humanity from the point of view of a dragon.


First off, I am probably biased because I love stories about dragons. I practically inhaled the How to Train Your Dragon series, and Smaug was the main reason I loved the Hobbit so much. Second, I love chocolate (not chocolate as a cake or ice cream though haha).

This is a book for middle school children, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I admired Aventurine’s persistence and tenacity in going after what she wanted. Not many adults are able to say they are pursuing their passion. However, I especially admired her bravery for allowing herself to be pushed out of her comfort zone every step of the way. There were times when she was tempted to give up and run away (and that made the struggle so real), but she always took one step forward to reach her goal.

Aventurine faces numerous challenges, both mentally and physically, and I personally felt her homesickness at being separated from her family. That story angle actually had me teary eyed at various points in the story. Just throw in some family drama and I’m bound to be in tears.

Stephanie Burgis has managed to create a world I want to see more of, and I can’t wait to read the other books in this series when they come out!