What I’m reading and watching – Oct 2017

Here I am with another monthly roundup! I’d say reading wise, this month has definitely been my most productive. Thanks, Agatha Christie. Drama wise there are also so many good shows I’m following right now. So far, I’ve managed not to fall behind. Unfortunately that meant that Strongest Deliveryman would have to take the backseat once again.

But I digress, let’s crack on shall we?

What I’m reading

Agatha Christie Miss Marple Collection

After reading my very first Agatha Christie mystery just last month, I have since read 12 more of her Miss Marple novels. I stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning because I am so intrigued about who the killer is! Unfortunately, my initial guess was only right once! That’s how good her stories are.

I’m a bit sad though because Miss Marple also ages with the stories. In the Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side Miss Marple has a nurse looking after her and she can’t garden anymore! Even my favorite literary characters age, just another reminder that I am getting older as well. Though if anything, the fact that Miss Marple still solves mysteries at her age is inspiring. I can’t wait to be a Miss Marple when I get older (minus all the murder mysteries).

After I finish the Miss Marple novels, I may try my hand at Hercule Poirot as recommended by my father. My dad also gave me an interesting autobiography to read on the life of Victor Buencamino. So I look forward to my reading list for the next few months. I’ve hit my Goodreads Reading Challenge target of 24 books for the year. Will probably increase it to 30.

What I’m watching

While You Were Sleeping

This is my “stressful” drama for the season. I typically tend to avoid stress inducing dramas, but I love Lee Jong Suk. Also, this show is just an emotional rollercoaster. I can be laughing at how silly it is one minute, and then crying in the next minute. Why do you do this to me, Show? The premise is also interesting. We have Suzy who can predict the future through her dreams, and Lee Jong Suk’s character who also starts having the same visions after saving her life. I’m interested to see how all this connects. Please be a happy ending. Please. Also, plus points for cute cop played by Jung Hae In.

Because This is Our First Life

I haven’t seen Lee Min Ki in a drama in a while, but I loved him in Dal Ja’s Spring. On the other hand, Jung So Min is fresh off the heels of My Father is Strange (nothing but love for that drama). Put the two of them together and I’m a happy camper. Due to circumstances, the two find themselves living together (spoiler: also in a contract marriage). The set-up seems fairly predictable, but what I really appreciate is that Jung So Min’s character is really a struggling millennial trying to reach her goals (aren’t we all?).

20th Century Boy and Girl

Objectively speaking, I know this show isn’t the best, but right now it’s the one I enjoy the most. Sa Jin Jin (Han Ye Sul) is a famous actress who is unexpectedly reunited with her childhood friend (Gong Ji Won played by Kim Ji Suk) and first love. But of course the story can’t be that straightforward. So let’s throw in the fact that Sa Jin Jin is a major fangirl and has the biggest crush on a Kpop idol who turns out to be Gong Ji Won’s brother. Yeah, this has me giggling like mad every week.

Revolutionary Love

Choi Siwon as a rich heir who is constantly misunderstood? Yes. That’s all you need to know about this drama. Fine, I’ll admit he is getting on my nerves a bit. He reminds me a bit of Jaejoong in Manhole. Very whiny. But what can I say, I am biased. I hope he matures really quickly.

Can’t say what I’ll be watching next because I still have a lot of dramas on my plate. But I am definitely going to start on Stranger Things Season 2! (Starts hyperventilating… too many shows…)

Until the next monthly roundup!